Moving More Consumers Out of Delinquency

With BackOnTrack, creditors decrease their roll rates and lend a helping hand to consumers facing tough times

Create effective early-stage treatments

Missing payments is a stressful situation, yet too often, creditors approach collections as a transaction, failing to address consumers' underlying concerns.

BackOnTrack is a short learning module that allows lenders to easily build empathy into collections treatments, getting more consumers to engage and get up-to-date.

BackOnTrack uses an empathetic approach, including videos of experts talking consumers through financially challenging times
BackOnTrack's roll rates outperforms client existing processes

Decrease roll rates

Offering BackOnTrack to consumers in early stage delinquency delivers meaningful - and durable - decreases in roll rates, relative to standard operations.

Improve enrollment in autopay and payment reminders

BackOnTrack's configurable platform empowers consumers to learn more, or sign up for key payment aids like autopay and payment reminders.

BackOnTrack nudges consumers to sign up for autopay and payment reminders
BackOnTrack data segments roll rates by risk score

Predict roll-forward risk

BackOnTrack data provides new, additive information that helps collection groups prioritize outreach. Collections groups can improve efficacy, customer retention and reduce costs.