A Breakthrough

In Consumer Credit Decisioning,
Engagement & Insights


BeyondMyScore creates and captures unique and highly predictive behavioral signals from consumers at the point of transaction. Our clients use BeyondMyScore to super-charge their acquisition and account management programs, regardless of product and across the entire credit risk spectrum. Results include up to 15% additional booked accounts, 20% higher spend/transactions, and up to 45% lower delinquencies on a risk adjusted basis.

BeyondMyScore's learning approach is designed to empathize with consumers, provide personalized advice, and support their aspirations toward a better future "self." Every BeyondMyScore module consists of entertaining video lessons that build awareness, activities that develop financial capabilities, and knowledge checks that test comprehension.


BackOnTrack™ uses behavioral science to optimize collections outcomes for consumer creditors. Our clients see up to 10%+ additional right party contacts (RPCs), up to 5% accelerated cash collections and reduced roll rates, and up to 50% lower delinquency recidivism over traditional collections and delinquency mitigation efforts.

We're here to help consumers with their finances when they need it most. BackOnTrack™ uses a unique, and empathetic, approach to teaching that guides them to better financial health. Lessons provide insight into the importance of paying bills on time and personalized options to help consumers take back control of their money.